Me Joe. I'm a creative director based in Melbourne, and I spend most of my time creating advertising for some of Australia's most loved brands. 
Thank you!
BCF - Camp Pain
MADC Winner – Film.
Award Bronze – Film and Entertainment
Award Bronze – Production Design
Award Shortlist – Use of Music
Award Shortlist – Animation and Visual Effects

Australia Post - Spread The Merry
Award Shortlist – Film and Entertainment

DrinkWise - DrunkURLs
Sirens Gold 2020 – Radio Single
Sirens Silver 2020 – Radio Single
Sirens Gold 2020 – Radio Campaign 
Sirens Round 5 Winner – Radio Advertising Campaigns
Award Bronze – Radio
Clio Bronze – Audio
Asahi - Enter Asahi
Award Silver – Large Format Screens, Individual. 
Award Bronze – Television Commercial, Individual.
Award Bronze – Production Design.
Award Bronze – Digital Visual Effects.
New York Festival Second Prize – Film Craft, Visual Effects.
Spikes Silver – Film Craft, Visual Effects. 
MADC Winner – Film.

FCAI - Don’t Die Wondering
APAC Effies Bronze – Positive Change Social Good – NonProfit. 

TAC - Breakpoint
Award Silver – Outdoor, Campaign.
Award Silver – Digital, User Generated Content.
Award Bronze – Digital, Best Integrated Social Campaign.
Award Bronze – Digital, Innovative Use of Social media.
Award Finalist – Integrated, Campaign.
Award Finalist – Digital Direct Response, Campaign.
One Show Merit – Mobile, Utility.
One Show Merit – Outdoor, User-generated Campaign.
Mumbrella Finalist – Social idea of the year.

Mercury Cider - From A Harder Time
Award – Silver, Best Use of Ambient (Tough Tap). 
Sirens Round 5 Winner – Radio (Sneeze).
Sirens Round 5 Shortlist – Radio (Handshake).

University of Melbourne - Infinite Futures
AdFest Silver – Design, Motion & Digital.
AdFest Bronze – Craft, Animation.
Cannes Finalist – Design, Data Visualisation
Cannes Finalist – Design, Social Engagement
Case Awards Gold — Multimedia Campaigns
AdStars Crystal Award Winner —  Art Direction/Production Design
AdStars Crystal Award Winner — Animation
Spikes Asia Silver — Digital Craft
Spikes Asia Bronze — Design

Pedigree - Hearts Aligned
Cannes Shortlist – Promo & Activation, Digital and Social.
Cannes Shortlist – Film.
Spikes Asia Shortlist – Film.
Spikes Asia Shortlist – Promo and Activation.

Legacy - Letters of Gallipoli
Cannes Silver – Radio, Branded Content.
Cannes Silver – Radio, Use of Sound Design.
LIA Awards Gold – Radio, Sound Design (War).
LIA Awards Silver – Radio, Public Service.
LIA Awards Bronze – Radio, Sound Design Letters of Gallipoli ( Life In The Trenches).
LIA Awards Finalist – Radio, Sound Design (Any Day Now).
Spikes Asia Gold – Radio, Use of Radio (Any Day Now).
Spikes Asia Gold – Radio, Use of Radio (War).
Spikes Asia Gold – Radio, Use of Radio (Life In The Trenches).
Spikes Asia Bronze –  Radio, Performance (War).
Spikes Asia Shortlist – Grand Prix For Good (Any Day Now).
Spikes Asia Shortlist – Grand Prix For Good.
Spikes Asia Shortlist – Grand Prix For Good (Life In The Trenches).
Award Awards Bronze – Radio Individual, Production (War).
Award Awards Finalist – Radio Campaign, Production.
Award Awards Bronze – Radio, Sound Design.

Air Force - Messages From The Front Line
Cannes Gold – Promo.
Campaign Brief ‘The Work 2014′.
Cannes Finalist – PR.
Award Bronze – Direct, Community Service.
Award Bronze – Direct, Alternative Media.
Award Finalist – Branded Content, Event.
Spikes Finalist – Direct.
ADMA Winner – Customer Acquisition.
ADMA Winner – Media Campaign.
ADMA Finalist – Ambient/Experimental.

Oakley - ProVision
Cannes Bronze – Mobile, Integrated.
Webby Awards Nominee – Consumer Packaged Goods.
Webby Awards Nominee – Mobile Advertising.
One Show Finalist – Innovation in Package Design. 

Navy - 200m Deep EDM
Award Silver – Direct, Electronic Direct Marketing.
Campaign Brief ‘The Work′.
Webby Awards Nominee – Interactive Advertising, Email Marketing.

Navy - Buildboard
Award Finalist – Direct, Alternative Media, 
Award Finalist – Direct, Community Service. 
Award Finalist – Poster & Outdoor, Moving Outdoor. 
Campaign Brief ‘The Work’. 
Locus Award Winner – Outdoor. 
ADMA Winner – Out-Of-Home. 
Cannes Finalist – Direct.

Air Force - Women In The Air Force
Effies Silver.

Air Force - Air Force FM
Clio Gold – Direct.
D&AD Nomination – Direct.
New York Festival Grand Prize – Direct – Mailings.
New York Festival First Prize – Direct – Mailings.
New York Festival Second Prize – Direct – Government.
New York Festival Finalist – Design – Package Design.
New York Festival Finalist – Radio – Use of Medium.
Award Silver – Direct Marketing.
Award Bronze – Weird & Wonderful.
Award Finalist – Innovative Use of Radio.
Award Finalist – Promotion and Experiential.
One Show Merit – Direct Marketing.
One Show Merit – Innovation in Radio.
Cannes Silver – Direct.
Cannes Bronze – Promo.
Cannes Finalist – Media.
Cannes Finalist – Direct.
Spikes Asia Bronze – Direct.
Spikes Asia Bronze – Radio.
Spikes Asia Finalist – Design.
London International Finalist – The New.
WPPED Cream Awards Winner – Direct.
AdFest Silver – Direct Mail.
AdFest Bronze – Dimensional Mail.

Navy - Zero In
New York Festival Finalist – Digital – Games.
Spikes Asia Finalist – Games.
w3 Awards Silver – Education.
w3 Awards Silver – Game or Application..

London International Award’s Creative Conversations selectee.
Y&R Rising Star award.
Australian Cannes Young Lion finalist - Digital.
Degree in Animation and Multimedia (RMIT).
Certificate in Art Direction (AdSchool).
U16 B-Division Secondary School Slalom Snowboarding - Winner

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